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Start with this article and think about the future of education.
Beyond Technology by Alan November

The Differences Between Traditional & 1:1 Classrooms
Michigan's Laptops Show Academic Gains
The 411 on 1 to 1

Student Blogging Guidelines by Kim Cofino

Cell Phones
Using cell phones in the classroom

High-Tech Cheating? Students See it Differently

Classroom Management
The one computer classroom

High school science. Very applicable to any subject.

Classroom Copyright Chart - Download the chart pdf (from Tech & Learning)
Fair use for educators
A Fair Use Guide for Media Literacy
The Obama photo and painting- Fair use?

Digital Storytelling
DS Goes Hollywood - good tips!

Digital Texts
California Going Digital with Math & Science Textbooks

Document Cameras
New doc cams in action: pros, cons, and tips

Early Childhood
Tech-ing Wisely

Engaging Students
Student Engagement

12 Essentials for Technology Integration
Children who use technology are better writers
Open Letter to the teacher who said, "I hate technology."
What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology
The Pancake Principle
Why Change?
Resistance is Futile

Handheld Devices
Mobile devices & 21st century learning.

Interactive Whiteboards
IWBs increase learning (study)
Robert Marzano & Interactive Whiteboards

5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities
The Damage of Filtering "Real World" Technology

Internet Safety
First Line of Defense

Online Learning
The Impact of High School Distance e-Learning Experience on Rural Students' University Achievement and Persistence

Open Source Software
When Free isn't Free

Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Be Productive in Twitter in 60 Minutes a Week
100 Tips, Apps, and Resources for Teachers on Twitter

Professional Development
Research-based article on PD
What Can We do With This?

Ten Ways To Get Beyond Powerpoint With Classroom Projectors

Social Networking
Study show sites like MySpace & Facebook have a lot of educational potential.

Technology & Learning
SETDA Releases Ed Tech Report
Technology and Academic Achievement